Effective stakeholder management using crowdsourcing and social networks

The leading social networking tool that automatically identifies and prioritises the stakeholders for your projects, engages with the stakeholders, and understands their needs.

StakeSource uses crowdsourcing to identify stakeholders and their requirements for a project. A snowballing process builds a network of relevant stakeholders, and the stakeholders are asked to enter and rate their requirements. Social network technologies prioritise stakeholders based on their influence in the project. Collaborative filtering recommends relevant requirements for stakeholders to approve. StakeSource then returns a prioritised list of requirements for the project manager.

StakeSource won the Ready, Set, Transfer prize at the International Requirements Engineering Conference in 2011.

StakeSource was presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering in 2010. Download PDF report.

StakeSource v2.0 was presented at the prestigious conference again in 2011. Download PDF report.

StakeSource was successfully used for UCL Admissions Systems Project from Dec 2009 to Feb 2010, identifying a new stakeholder crucial for the project. Since then, StakeSource has now been used in more than 10 industry projects. Download PDF report.

StakeSource is designed to support stakeholder management for projects of all sizes. StakeSource offers the following services to project managers:

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Predict Stakeholder Needs
  • Prioritise Stakeholders
  • Engage All Stakeholders